Healing Drum Circle will be taking a break for the winter. We should be starting up again in March.

We are having a Winter Sale!

T-shirts are $15.

We will be accepting donations for the firewood, instruments, fixing instruments, water, marketing…etc

Make a donation below or you can donate at the drum circle.

Any suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated.

We love and appreciate all of you for being a huge part of our community!

We follow CDC guidelines to keep our community safe from covid.

Bring any instruments you like to play. We will have many for you to borrow and experiment with. Play, sing, dance, relax. This is a fun opportunity to share and explore many instruments, remove silly mental barriers, with no judgement.

We build community through sharing ecstatic noise. This is a FREE community event. Invite your friends. The location is beautiful, water front, fire, snacks, and positive energy.

Please help support our community by making a donation below.

Venmo: @ecstaticnoise